Tuesday, November 30, 2021

 I found this recipe, Parmesan Butternut Squash Gratin.   Click on the link to get the full recipe.  I am hoping to make this for Christmas Dinner.  I sent the recipe to my Mom and she thinks I should make it too!  Yum!  Only 8 ingredients.  We are having a Prime Rib Roast, Mash Potatoes, Gravy, Rolls, and I'm working on which side to go with it. My Mother requested Pistachio Salad so I will make that too.


Beautiful day in Minnesota!


Today it will be in the 40's and tomorrow the 50's.  I love the snow, especially since I'm retired and don't have to go out in it if I don't want to!  Every so often we have a year without snow, and this may be one of those years.  I enjoy a good snow storm!

On Friday nights we are making it a family night dinner, and I try to cook something new or something we haven't had in a while.  Above is picture of one of our Friday nights. Every once in a big while my Grumpy Husband cooks something he hasn't made in a while.  He's a good cook.  In fact he wants to cook this Friday.  Check out my Pioneer Woman items on the table, in the hutch, and yes the tablecloth and curtains!  I'm addicted!

Monday, November 29, 2021

Out with my Mom and more!


This is my dear mother when we were on vacation last summer. We were celebrating her 90th Birthday. My Mother and I spend 3 days a week some times more together.  She's my best friend.  Today we went to Walmart and out to eat at Applebees.  They have a really good Whiskey Burger that I love to have there!  At Walmart I bought a new fan (mine was making noise, stalling, and scaring Freddie), I have to have a fan on when I sleep!  And of course I had to check out The Pioneer Woman things.  They had all her Christmas Paper Plates, Napkins, etc and they are beautiful!  So I loaded up!  I use them Christmas Eve, and Christmas Morning!  I found some gift cards I wanted to get for other places there. So when I was checking out, she said I had to go to Customer Service to buy them....  Another Line......But it was a really nice time out with my dear Mother!

Sunday, November 28, 2021

My Store on Etsy....


I received a email this morning from a former customer wondering if I’m going to open my store again. At this time I don’t think so. I am enjoying being completely retired from work as well as selling on Etsy. BUT you never know! LOL

I enjoy doing crafts. I enjoy making and doing new things! I’ve never been a adventurous cook. Just simple and easy, and rarely from scratch. I like learning more about food, and it can made to taste soooo good! I’m also going through every drawer, closet, and cupboard right now and getting rid of things. Also I bought this fun shelf paper (check out the picture) by The Pioneer Woman (can be found at Walmart on line and in the store), and my kitchen cupboards and drawers are getting so colorful! But it’s a long process! We have lived here for over 36 years and have so much stuff!

It's all about Christmas!

 I wrote yesterday about our tree, so I had one of my granddaughters take a picture for me. Underneath are presents, and I always get all the grandkids who are here on Christmas Eve some pj’s that are unwrapped and you can see in front. They put them on before we open presents. I love this time of year.

Testing 1, 2, 3

 I’m doing some test posts right now. Here’s Josie and Freddie sitting in the window. My granddaughter S, spent the morning with me and wrapped more presents for under the tree. I like to get the tree up for Thanksgiving so we can enjoy it on Thanksgiving. It makes things look festive. I’m almost done with my shopping for everyone too!